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Ventura Sterling silver adjustable bracelet  with genuine silver threepence

Ventura coin (The name Ventura means "Good Fortune" and the silver threepence represents Good Fortune).


This dainty adjustable sterling silver bracelet has a slider bead adjustment. It is from the Saveena collection, inspired by the silver threepence.


This coin is a genuine sterling silver "threepence" which was in circulation as currency in solid silver until 1919 (after that date they were silver plated). "Lucky" silver threepences are traditionally given for births, marriages and anniversaries as they are considered to promote good luck, prosperity and good health. The perfect gift for any one of these occasions!


Take a look at some of the co-ordinating pieces in this collection such as Millie bangle, Evie & Clara necklaces and Elsie earrings.



Ventura adjustable bracelet with a genuine sterling silver coin

SKU: B114f
  • Take care to avoid spraying perfume directly on the adjustable slider beads as it may affect the silicone inside the beads and reduce their sliding performance.

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